Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Questionaire due 2/20


What is the theme of your work that will be in the senior show?

What descriptive words would you project communicate (10 or more descriptive terms).

Of all the media you could choose, why did you pick the one you work with? What do you love about it? How does the process fit along with you personally?

How will you utilize time to make the work before the show? 

What are the main challenges to making your show a success? Any equipment, financial,  or practical concerns?

Where would you like to make your work after you graduate?

Describe the type of audience you would like your work to appeal to?


What are some of the topics that you are interested in writing about for your research paper?  

How would this research benefit your exhibition/portfolio?


Who are two working artists/designers that you admire?

How did you find out about them?

What makes their work successful to you?

Where do they show their work and/or what level are they at with their career?

Who do they follow, or what inspires them? What professional affiliations do they have? 

If you could ask one of them any questions about their career, what would you ask them?

What is their contact info? 

Find 3 Blogs/Online communities related to your career.  List them and follow them.  

List 10 other inspirations, of any kind.  

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Schedule for presentations

Schedule for presentations

Please make sure your presentations are ready to be loaded quickly and easily via powerpoint or whatever you decide to use.  You may bring in actual artworks as well. 

1/23 Sarah, Amanda
1/25 Dan, Jessica
1/28 Haley, Rebekah
1/30 Beverly, Stephane
2/1 Leticia, Andrew
2/4 Joshua, Katie
2/6 Raigan

Class Syllabus Spring 2019