Sunday, March 18, 2018


Paper -


BandH Photo

Epson Lustre Paper, glossy but not too much, good paper at good value
Red River Paper - the Nice stuff, all kinds
Epson Cold Press - nice matte paper with textured surface
Epson Hot Press - Nice matte paper without texture

French Paper co.  Graphic Design Paper

Graphic Design - the art of choosing the right paper

Mounting - Gatorboard

Dick Blick

Dry Mounting Tissue

B and H photo

Speciality Printing

Fort Worth Photo Lab
Courpralux Dallas


Aaron Brothers - Fort Worth
Frame Destination - Dallas
House of Frames - south fort worth


Jerrys Art O Rama

Monday, February 19, 2018


Here is the schedule for the senior shows.  We have 7 exhibitions, with 1 outside show in Annalea.  All the lectures are on tue/thu except one on Wednesday 4/25.   We will do 2 students per lecture instead of one this time. 

Kiyana Cherry and Taylor Martin April 9-11 Lec April 10
Jessica Moore and Tiara Tatum April 12-16 Lec April 12
Blake Goldsmith/Ranlee Kunkel/Nikki Valdez April 17-19 Lec 17 and 19
Taylor Hughes and Rachel Nunez April 20-24 Lec 24
Aleisha Bryeans/Tommy Capps/Colin Craig April 25-27 Lec 25 and 26
Annalea Nelson April 26 to May 2nd lec TBA offsite
Matt Huskins April 30 - May 2 Lec May 1

Jacob Fritts and Yuki Holloway-Ogiamien May 3 - May 11 Lec TBA

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Presentation Schedule

Presentations start this  Wednesday
W 1/24 Colin, Annalea
F 1/26 Taylor H.  Taylor M
M/1/29 Jessica, Rachel
W 1/31 Ranlee, Kiyana
F 2/2 Tommy, Matt
M 2/5 Nikki, Tiara
W 2/7 Blake, Jacob
F 2/9 Yuki, Aleisha